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 Side Hustle is a Bloomington based band that keeps it funky!
The band is made up of Indiana University students and alumni
including; music director and guitarist Alex Goldblatt, drummer Eric
Ottinger, bassist Ian Ottinger, pianist Matt Zelenin, Trumpeter Sammy Haig,
and bandleader and lead singer Jared Griffin. The band is quickly making a
name for themselves in the midwest music scene and shows no signs of
stopping anytime soon. The Hustle brings their own soulful sound to covers
from a myriad of genres as their catalog of original music continues to grow.
You can always catch Side Hustle performing around B-town at popular
venues like the Bluebird, or The Bishop, as well as public and private events
around the city.



Want to work with Side Hustle? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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